The NAV Process

The following time-line shows the steps and typical time taken for Ofwat to grant a NAV license for each new development site.

Pre-application stage

  • Preliminary discussions with Regulators
  • Begin negotiations with existing appointee on bulk supply/discharge agreement

1. Initial checks (up to 5 days)

  • Application submitted to Ofwat

2. Assessment and recommendation to decision maker to consult (up to 45 days)

  • Applicant serves and publishes application notices on relevant stakeholders
  • Ofwat undertakes detailed assessment of the application
  • Ofwat receives comments from other regulators

3. Public consultation (no less than 28 days)

  • Applicant to conclude negotiations on bulk supply/discharge agreements
  • Complete Market Entry assurance programme (MOSL)

4. Final decision (Up to 15 working days)

  • NAV granted (Total average 85 working days)